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How to Draw an Audi A7

How to draw an Audi A7

In this drawing instruction, the team of DrawCars will show you how to draw an Audi A7 very easily and quickly. In our opinion, this car is one of the most beautiful of its kind. Flawless execution of the exterior and details will not leave indifferent even the indifferent person.

How to Draw an Audi A7

Step 1

In the first stage, using coarse lines we create the body of our four-door Audi A7 sports coupe. As you can see, this is a fairly flat and long car. Note that these are just auxiliary lines that should not be too dark.

How to draw an Audi A7

Step 2

In this stage, we are adding several details to the Audi A7. So, here we have to depict the headlights, large circle wheels, and mirrors using rough lines.

How to draw an Audi

Step 3

Now let’s detail the body of our four-door Audi A7 coupe. We will depicture the details from left to right. That is, in this step, we will depicture the headlights of the Audi, its bumper, and hood lines.

Audi drawing tutorial

Step 4

The Audi A7 is distinguished by its dynamic design and a fairly flat roof, which we will draw in this step. So here we depict the flat roof and the windows. Mirrors are also should be drawn in this fourth step.

How to sketch an Audi A7 step by step

Step 5

A rather simple step of the instruction on how to sketch an Audi A7. Here we will only need to depicture the outlines of stylish taillights and rear bumper.

How to draw an Audi A7 easy

Step 6

Let’s now get into the details on the body of our Audi A7. Add wide doors, handles, and horizontal lines on the body of the Audi. With the help of an eraser delete all auxiliary lines from the Audi.

How to draw an Audi A7 car

Step 7

Now it’s time for the tires and rims of the Audi A7. In order to draw the rims correctly, first sketch the central part, then the spokes, which extends from the center to the edges.

How to draw an Audi

Step 8

It remains to darken some parts of the car with hatching. Shadows will make your Audi realistic and voluminous. If you did everything correctly, then you will get such a cool Audi A7.

Audi A7 drawing


How to Draw an Audi A7: Video Tutorial

How to Draw an Audi A7: Conclusion

The team of Draw Carz hopes the drawing instruction about how to draw an Audi A7 was helpful for you. By the way, the article will be a very good tool if you are thinking to design an Audi S7 and Audi RS7 Sportback. In addition, A7 is very similar to the Audi A5 Sportback, so using this drawing instruction you can depict this car too. Also, we recommend looking for similar lessons on Drawcarz.com.

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