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How to Draw a Dodge Challenger

How to draw a Dodge Challenger

The sound of an American V8, insane power on the rear wheels, the loud roar of hundreds of horsepower, one of the best representatives of the legendary muscle cars – Dodge Challenger. This car literally challenged competitors in the face of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, and now it’s time for us to challenge our skills of drawing and learn how to draw a Dodge Challenger.

How to Draw a Dodge Challenger

Step 1

A muscle car should be really muscular, and therefore depict the outline of a powerful body with a smooth sloping edge. Keep in mind that the lines on the first steps serve as guides for the future Dodge Challenger drawing, and should be virtually invisible.

How to sketch a Dodge Challenger

Step 2

Now we will turn our loose sketch into something similar to a muscle car. To do this, we need to depict the narrow window line and the muscular rear wing. Next, we depict the large tires and bumpers.

How to draw a muscle car

Step 3

We continue to sculpt the appearance of the Challenger. We add powerful wheel arches and not less powerful contours of rims. We add the only long door from this side and a characteristic mirror.

How to draw a Dodge muscle car

Step 4

To make our legendary American muscle car look clean and complete, we will gradually trace its outlines using dark and smooth lines. Let’s start with the front, circling it as in our picture below.

How to draw a Dodge Challenger step by step easy

Step 5

As mentioned above, the Dodge Challenger roof (as well as of other cars in the coupe body) should be smooth and sloping. And in the fifth step, we are going to circle them and windows.

How to draw a Dodge Challenger easy

Step 6

The back of this muscle car is no less powerful than the front. Here we will need to circle the trunk and a large rear wheel arch. Do not forget to draw the gas cap and remove unwanted lines.

How to draw a Dodge Challenger for beginners

Step 7

The side of the Challenger has no extra details, which makes this muscle card stylish and at the same time minimalistic. So let’s give this part of the body a finished look and remove the remaining unwanted lines from the body.

How to draw a Dodge Challenger step by step

Step 8

Dodge Challenger of new generations made in the style of cars of the 60s. In the same style, the rims are made too. Execute them either in such an old school form or draw another, no less stylish design.

Dodge Challenger drawing tutorial

Step 9

Shadows and highlights are necessary for our auto monster in order to make it look more voluminous and natural. Add them to the necessary places of the folds and hidden from the light.

Dodge Challenger drawing

Once upon a time in America, gasoline was cheaper than water, nobody thought about ecology, and the Americans themselves moved on huge land barges. On prestigious cars under the hood were installed V8 engines of incredible size.

If the engine was less than 5 liters, this car was considered a small car. Size, comfort, power – all this was a feature of cars of those years. Marketers felt that after the baby boom 40s in the 60s, children will grow up, and a large number of stylish, powerful, and youth, and at the same time inexpensive cars would be needed.

Automakers gave these cars: Pontiac GTO, Ford Torino, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Plymouth Barracuda, and this is only a small part of the cars that were desired by the American youth of those years. But in our opinion, one of the most outstanding cars of those years was the Dodge Challenger, and now you know how to draw a Dodge Challenger, the incredibly cool muscle car.

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