How to Draw a Ford Mustang

How to draw a Ford Mustang

The car, which is included in the list of ten cars that changed the world and is a symbol of America of 60s. Power, beauty and style, one of the brightest cars in world history. And we are talking about the legendary Ford Mustang. The main competitors of this legendary car have always been and there are Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger – two more classics of American muscle cars. These two giants of the automotive industry we have already drawn earlier, and it’s time to show how to draw a Ford Mustang.


Step 1

The body of this legendary muscle car is very characteristic for cars of this type. Therefore, mark the long and massive body as in the picture below. The roof of the Mustang should also be characteristically flat and sloping.

How to draw a Ford Mustang for beginners step by step

Step 2

In addition to the massive body there are also very distinctive details, such as large wheels, a narrow windows line and aggressive lights. Just mark these details using loose lines.

How to draw a Ford Mustang for beginners easy

Step 3

In this third step our drawing will become more like a Ford Mustang. Here we depict a massive bumper, a long door and large arches.

How to draw a Ford Mustang muscle car

Step 4

The loose sketch of our мuscle сar is complete, and it’s time to do the detailing. Circle the front including a front arch, powerful bumper with an aggressive headlight.

How to draw a muscle car

Step 5

As already mentioned, the roof should be flat and sloping, so we will perform this step with very smooth lines. Also circle the window line and the mirror.

How to draw a Ford Mustang easy

Step 6

The back of the Ford Mustang has undergone many changes, and eventually returned to the style of the 60s. Let’s circle this powerful rear considering all the bumper lines and taillight.

How to draw a Ford Mustang for beginners

Step 7

In the seventh step of the lesson on how to draw a Ford Mustang, we will finish drawing the body. Circle the door and depict the handle and lines as our picture below.

How to sketch a Ford Mustang

Step 8

On the Ford Mustang people put a variety of rims, and you too can draw any rims you wish. In this way, you will make your muscle car drawing unique and more custom.

Ford Mustang drawing tutorial

Step 9

So, it remains probably the most simple – to depict shadows and highlights. A simple hatching in the places we marked will revive your Ford Mustang drawing and make it more natural.

Ford Mustang drawing

The new car should certainly be sporty with a distinctive look – this is one of the theses of the Ford managers, during the creation of new Ford Mustang. More than 50 years have passed since the launch of the first Ford Mustang, and this thesis is still relevant.

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