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How to Draw a Jaguar F-Pace

How to draw a Jaguar F Pace

Jaguar F-Pace is a compact, prestigious crossover, produced by the British company Jaguar Cars since 2016, the first crossover of the company. In this instruction, divided into nine steps, we will show how to draw a Jaguar F-Pace.

How to Draw a Jaguar F-Pace

Step 1

The Jaguar has very smooth and flowing lines, and in the first step, you need to display the body as in our picture. The drawing should not be dark, it should be made in the form of a loose sketch.

Jaguar F Pace drawing guide

Step 2

Using the same light and loose lines as in the first step, we should depict the round tires and the smooth window line of our Jaguar F-Pace.

How to draw a Jaguar car step by step

Step 3

There are some more necessary details that should be outlined at the sketch stage – doors, lights, arches, rims, and a mirror. If everything is done correctly, then we must begin the process of detailing.

How to draw a Jaguar F Pace easy step by step

Step 4

The process of detailing we must begin with the nose of our Jaguar. You need to circle everything as shown in our picture below this text.

How to sketch a Jaguar

Step 5

Now we need to circle the roof and the window line. Next, with dark lines, we divide the window line into the windows of the front row, the back row, and the small window in the very rear.

How to draw a Jaguar SUV

Step 6

The back of the Jaguar is very unusual, primarily because of the stylish elongated headlights of unusual shape. Let’s circle this part of the F-Pace as shown in our picture.

How to draw a Jaguar

Step 7

Unlike the back, the side of the Jaguar F-Pace looks much more usual. In the seventh step, we need to circle the doors, add handles, and a small air intake (not real) in front.

How to sketch a Jaguar F Pace

Step 8

Jaguar has a huge number of different types of rims. In this example, we showed a rather non-complicated but stylish design. Draw rims like ours and circle round tires (you can use a compass).

Jaguar F Pace drawing tutorial

Step 9

The shadows, highlights, and textures of the radiator grilles will help your Jaguar F-Pace drawing look more natural and realistic. Repeat the shape and location of the shadows as in our picture below.

Jaguar F Pace drawing

Jaguar F-Pace has a very cool and futuristic appearance, off-road performance, and character like a sports car. Repeat the steps from this drawing guide, adding different details, and practice more to become a real drawing professional.

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