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How to Draw a Cool Car

How to Draw a Cool Car

The team of DrawCarz.com often shows how to draw cool cars, but there is still no instruction with that name. So meet, before you an instruction on how to draw a cool car. Of course, the word “cool” is quite subjective, therefore, using the knowledge gained in the nine stages presented below, you can depict virtually any car, including a sports one.

How to Draw a Cool Car

Step 1

To correctly draw a cool car, you must first depict a silhouette. To get a sports car, make a low sloping roof and a long hood.

How to draw a Lexus car

Step 2

Using two perfect circles, depict the tires. Then depict the front and rear lights. At the end of the stage, depict an unusual window frame.

How to draw a Lexus step by ste[

Step 3

Inside the tires, depict perfectly round rims. Surround the wheels with arches. Depict the door and the mirror. As you have already noticed, we show you how to draw a cool car using the Lexus LFA as an example.

How to draw a Lexus LFA easy step by step

Step 4

Starting from this stage, we will delve into the details, carefully tracing the elements of the picture. Start with the nose, giving it a complete and clear look.

How to draw a sports car easy

Step 5

Now using smooth lines, depict a flat roof that smoothly passes into the tail. Do not forget to give the glasses a more finishing look.

How to draw a coupe car

Step 6

Now take care of the back of the Lexus, depicting everything as in the example from the artists of DrawCarz.com. Recall that if you depict another machine based on our example, just slightly modify the elements.

How to draw a Lexus

Step 7

Now depict the side surface, including the door and the unusually curved air intake. You can also add other details to the cool car drawing.

How to Draw a Cool Car

Step 8

Let’s now depict the rims. Firstly, find the central parts, depicting them in the form of circles. Next, depict the spokes evenly spaced from the center to the edges.

Cool car drawing tutorial

Step 9

At the last stage of the instruction on how to draw a cool car, we add shadows to it. Using the hatching, depict them in the places indicated by the artists of DrawCarz.com in the image below.

How to Draw a Cool Car

So, the team of DrawCarz.com really hopes that now you know how to draw a cool car. Do you want to be able to draw cars with an unusual appearance? What are your favorite instructions on DrawCarz.com? Write to us about this, and share our articles with your friends.

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