How to Draw a Monster Truck Easy

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how to draw a monster truck easy

Some of the most impressive cars are monster trucks. And in this drawing instruction, we want to show you how to draw a monster truck easy.

Monster trucks are actually just heavily modified simple trucks. To make them look so impressive, their owners reinforced the body, changed the suspension, and swapped out simple wheels for disproportionately large ones. Because of such operations, the most ordinary truck turns into something like an enlarged children’s car.

Previously, the team of showed how to draw a monster truck, but that guide was difficult for many, and therefore in this simplified instruction we will show how to draw a monster truck easy.


Step 1

So, first of all, draw the contours of the monster truck. As you can see, already at this stage, the location of the cab and the cargo part of the car is clearly traced.

sketch a monster truck

Step 2

Now depict the disproportionately huge wheel arches at the front and rear of the car. Next, use a long, curved line to draw the hood. In the same stage, depict the headlight and taillight.

how to sketch a monster truck

Step 3

Now use a smooth curved line to draw the front of the cab. Next, use smooth lines to depict the window frame and vertical lines within its contours.

learn how to draw cars

Step 4

Now with a few simple straight lines draw the door and the handle. In the same stage, draw the suspension elements using simple vertical lines.

how to draw monster trucks easy

Step 5

Very carefully depict huge wheels – the main pride of the monster trucks. Draw rims inside the wheels, which should be as perfectly round as the wheels.

how to draw an easy monster truck step by step

Step 6

Now draw the suspension elements that connect the wheels at the very bottom. To practice drawing straight lines, you can try drawing everything without using a ruler.

how to draw an easy monster truck

Step 7

Now take an eraser and get rid of all the auxiliary lines of the drawing. You can darken the lines important for the drawing so that the monster truck drawing looks more clear and three-dimensional.

easy way to draw a monster truck

Step 8

Using straight and clear lines, draw the rest of the suspension, as shown in the example from the artist of

how to draw a monster truck easy step by step

Step 9

Draw circles in the center of the rims. Then place other smaller circles around these circles. Don’t forget, that you can check the proportionality of a picture by looking at it through a mirror.

how to draw a monster truck

Step 10

Try to enhance your monster truck drawing by adding shadows or colors to it. This will make your drawing more voluminous and expressive.

how to draw a monster truck easy

In addition, you can depict people in and around this car, as well as other monster trucks in the background. This will bring your drawing to life and make it even more interesting.

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