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How to Draw a Car Door

how to draw a Car Door

Our team draws not only cars, but also car parts, and in this drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw a car door.

Cars are all different, and the doors, respectively, are also quite different from each other. But despite this, they are all drawn in about the same way, so using the knowledge from this instruction you can draw both the Lamborghini door and the Toyota door.

How to Draw a Car Door

Step 1

Start by sketching the outline of the door. Look closely at the door and try to replicate the shapes and curves as closely as possible. During the drawing process, move away from the sketch from time to time to better see all the inaccuracies and mistakes.

car door drawing tutorial

Step 2

Now, with more precise and cleaner lines, adjust the outlines of the door, trying to bring it closer to the original. Next, draw a window line, the upper part of which should repeat the upper line of the door. To see any inaccuracies in the drawing even more clearly, you can turn the drawing upside down or look at it through a mirror.

how to draw

Step 3

Now let’s start creating the details in the door drawing. Start with a mirror by drawing it in the left corner of the window frame. Since the appearance of cars is very different from each other, the appearance of the mirrors is also very different depending on the make and model of the car.

car drawings

Step 4

Now draw several horizontal lines with different slopes. These lines actually play more than just a decorative role. They serve to strengthen the door and make a thin layer of metal more resistant to various tests. A door with these kinks will deform more slowly with time and weather.

how to draw a Car parts

Step 5

We continue the instruction on how to draw a car door. In this stage, let’s draw the door handle. A door handle, just like a mirror, will look different depending on the model and brand of the car. More angular cars have angular mirrors and handles, while more rounded cars have rounded parts.

how to draw a Car Door easy

Step 6

Now take an eraser and carefully remove all unnecessary construction lines. After that, start drawing the shadows. First, draw a shadow at the bottom of the mirror and a cast shadow below the mirror. Then draw a shadow on the handle. Next, using longer and lighter lines draw shadows on the rest of the car door. Don’t forget to draw the highlights on the window with a couple of lines.

how to draw a Car Door

This instruction on how to draw a car door will be very useful for those who want to go deeper into the process of drawing a car. If you liked it, then we recommend that you also check our tutorial on how to draw a car seat.

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