How to Draw a Car Step by Step

How to draw a car step by step

Are you looking for a guide on how to draw a car step by step? If so, then this instruction, made by the artists of is designed specifically for you! In this instruction, we’ve put together all the basic principles and tips for drawing a car. In one of the previous instructions, we already showed how to draw a car easy, but here we decided to use a slightly different approach.


Step 1

In the very initial stage, create a general silhouette of the car. To create a silhouette, do not use dark and solid lines, because in the future we will have to erase them.

How to draw a car step by step

Step 2

Now add the wheels, trying to make them the most round and smooth. Next, create the arches above them and the window line. Mark the headlights at the front and rear of the vehicle. Remember to add a rearview mirror.

How to draw a car easy

Step 3

Now depict the doors and add the windshield. Inside the tires, depict the rims, which should also be the most round and symmetrical. Add some details, such as the grille and the decorative lines on the bumper

How to draw an easy car step by step

Step 4

If the initial loose and rough sketch of the car is ready, then it’s time to start working with the final touches and more detailed work on the sketch. Starting from the nose, trace everything with dark and clear lines, as the artists of did.

How to draw a car step by step

Step 5

Continue to trace and darken the artwork. Moving to the top, carefully draw out everything, making the lines more clear and aesthetic. Remember to wipe off unwanted guidelines as you depict the finish lines.

How to sketch a car

Step 5

So, the instruction on how to draw a car step by step continues, and here we will deal with the trunk. Trace everything, giving the lines a finished, solid and finish look. Do not forget to add decorative lines and an exhaust pipe.

How to draw a car step by step easy

Step 6

In this stage, we will complete the work on the car body. As before, here we will need to trace the doors and create handles. Add decorative lines just below, as the artists of did.

How to draw a car step by step easy for beginners

Step 7

This stage requires maximum care. Trace the wheels and rims to make them perfectly round. Next, create the central part of the rims and depict spokes that diverge from the center to the edges.

How to draw a car

Step 8

Using hatching, add shadows in those places where it is indicated by the artists of Next, add glare to the glass surfaces to make the car drawing look more voluminous and aesthetic.

Car drawing

So, dear artists and readers of, was there a instruction on how to draw a car step by step useful for you? If so, be sure to let us know about it. Also, do not forget to visit the rest of the pages of our site to become a real artist and even a car designer.

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    an interesting website for car drawing and design concept, I learn some ideas on drawing a car easily, I can now draw a stylish car easily. Thanks

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