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How to Draw a Lifted Truck

how to draw a lifted truck

In this instruction, we’ll show you how to draw a lifted truck – actually a normal truck with a modified suspension that improves off-road performance.

That is, as you can understand, this car looks very much like a classic truck. The main difference from a conventional truck is the unusual suspension and larger wheels.

Once your art supplies are ready, scroll down the page to begin the instruction on how to draw a lifted truck.

How to Draw a Lifted Truck

Step 1

Start by drawing the basic outline of the body with very light and simple lines. At this stage, the outlines and main details should already be very clearly visible.

truck drawing tutorial

Step 2

Draw angular wheel arches with simple and clear lines. In the same stage, draw the side parts of the front and rear bumpers.

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Step 3

Draw the windows in the upper part of the body with smooth and clear lines. Next, using long and clear lines, depict the doors. Depict the side of the headlight above the front bumper.

sketch a truck

Step 4

In the front corner of the window frame, depict a vertically elongated rear-view mirror. On the doors, depict the door handles as simple flat rectangles.

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Step 5

Take an eraser and use it to get rid of all unnecessary construction lines. Draw a vertically elongated rectangular tail light. Depict a line at the bottom of the body and a line on the side of the truck.

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Step 6

Draw the wheels with clear and dark lines. Depict the rims inside them, which should be perfectly round, as well as the wheels.

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Step 7

Draw the elements of the suspension as shown in the example from the artists of Drawcarz.com. Do not forget to check the proportionality of the artwork from time to time by looking at it through a mirror.

how to draw a lifted truck step by step

Step 8

Draw circles in the center of both rims. Depict smaller circles around each of the two circles, equally spaced apart. In the center, you can also add lug nuts to make the truck drawing more detailed.

how to draw a lifted truck easy

Step 9

Start adding shadows to your pickup truck drawing to make it look more voluminous and realistic. Start from the darkest areas and work out into lighter ones. In the same stage, depict highlights on the windows and headlights.

how to draw a lifted truck

You can make your lifted truck drawing even more voluminous and convincing by adding additional layers of hatching to it. In addition, you can add details such as people inside the car or the texture of the tires.

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