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How to Draw a Tesla Model X

How to draw a Tesla Model X

Time goes forward, the evolution of the automotive industry has brought electric vehicles to the forefront, and to contribute to the promotion of electric vehicles, the team of DrawCarz.com will show you today how to draw a Tesla Model X.

All stages of this instruction will be the most simple, but in the end, you will get a very realistic and voluminous tesla drawing.

How to Draw a Tesla Model X

Step 1

All cars, whether it’s a new car or an old Ford, they start with a skeleton, and the instruction on how to draw a Tesla Model X is no exception. So, by smooth and rough lines depict the silhouette of the electric car.

How to draw a Tesla Model X step by step

Step 2

In this stage, let’s add the most basic and integral parts. Firstly, depict perfectly round tires, then create the front and rear lights. Complete this stage by depicting a window line.

How to draw a Tesla car

Step 3

We continue to draw Tesla and continue to add details. Start with the rims by depicting them inside the tires. Then depict the lights, both front and rear. At the same stage, depict the windows along with the doors, and complete the stage by depicting a stylish mirror.

How to draw a big tesla car

Step 4

The Tesla base is complete, and starting from this stage we will begin to use clearer lines. Start with the nose, tracing all the details and depicting the air intake below the headlight

How to draw a Tesla SUV

Step 5

We continue the instruction on how to draw Tesla Model X. Here, in smooth lines, depict a sloping roof and in detail all the windows. Do not forget to depict the mirror in detail and get rid of the guidelines.

How to draw a Tesla easy

Step 6

Now let’s do the same, but with the back of our electric car. Gently trace the back of the Model X to create beautiful contours of the trunk and bumper. At the same stage, create the characteristic shape of the taillight.

How to draw a Tesla

Step 7

At this stage of the instruction on how to draw a Tesla Model X, we will actually finish depicting the body. By beautiful and clear lines portray the side doors and unusually positioned handles. Get rid of all auxiliary lines from the body.

How to sketch a Tesla Model X

Step 8

Let’s now depict the rims of our beautiful electric car. First, depict the middle part, and then depict the spokes that are smoothly diverging from the center. If everything is correct, then go to the final stage of the instruction on how to draw a Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model X drawing tutorial

Step 9

So, the final stage of the instruction, and now it’s time to add a little volume and realism. To do this, with the help of hatching and short lines, depict the shadows and glare in those places where it was made by artists of DrawCarz.com.

Tesla Model X drawing

So, if you are already on these lines, then most likely now you know how to draw a Tesla Model X. Do you like electric cars? What cars would you like to be able to draw? What do you think of this instruction and DrawCarz.com as a whole? Write to us about this and about everything you think about, because we not only read your comments but also respond to many of them.

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