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How to Draw a Taco Truck

how to draw a Taco Truck

In this instruction, we will show you how to draw a taco truck – a special vehicle adapted for preparing and selling food.

There are many different types of food trucks. They differ in both appearance and purpose. Some food trucks are for selling coffee, while others are for selling burgers and tacos. And today, as you can see, we will show you how to draw a taco truck.

How to Draw a Taco Truck

Step 1

Taco trucks are most often angular, so use light straight lines to mark the outlines of the truck on a paper. Already at this stage, both the rear cargo section and the front should be distinguishable.

how to sketch a taco truck

Step 2

Now draw the food window as a horizontally elongated rectangle. The lines should be clear and straight. At the bottom, depict the wheel arches as two semicircles.

how do you draw a food truck

Step 3

In the front part, depict a side window and a door with a window. Do not forget that from time to time you need to distance the drawing from yourself in order to check it for inaccuracies.

how to draw a food truck easy

Step 4

In the front, draw the front bumper in the shape of a square. Next, draw a lifting door over the food dispensing window. Draw a long horizontal line at the top of the body.

how to draw a food truck step by step

Step 5

Now get rid of all unnecessary construction lines from the drawing. Next, Depict the wheels and rims inside them. The wheels, as well as the rims, must be perfectly round.

how to draw a food truck

Step 6

Draw circles in the center of the rims. Next, depict smaller circles around them. The distance between the small circles should be the same.

how to draw a taco truck step by step

Step 7

Now compare your taco drawing as a whole and its details with that drawn by the artists of Drawcarz.com. If you find any mistakes, then try to fix them by returning to the stage where the mistake occurred.

how to draw a Taco Truck

If you have already drawn a taco truck, you can make it even more beautiful. For example, you can draw food and drinks inside a window. Also, you can add shadows and colors. This will give your truck drawing a more voluminous and complete look.

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