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How to Draw a Delivery Truck

How to draw an easy Delivery Truck

Learn how to draw a delivery truck with this tutorial. In just seven very simple steps, you will gain useful drawing skills.

In this fun tutorial, the team of our site will show you how to draw a delivery truck. The picture shows a truck that a novice artist can easily draw. If you have already drawn trucks before, then you can easily follow this lesson.

This type of transport is used to deliver various small cargoes. For example, a truck can deliver food and other goods within the same city. The delivery truck has a driver’s cab and an all-metal cargo compartment.

In this lesson, you will need the ability to draw simple geometric shapes and even straight lines. Consistently follow all the drawing steps and aim for a great result.

How to Draw a Delivery Truck

Step 1

Draw a straight horizontal line and draw the driver’s cab of the same shape as in the example.

how to draw a delivery truck easy

Step 2

Sketch out the cargo hold, which is shaped like a large square.

How to draw a Delivery Truck for beginners

Step 3

Depict the front and rear wheel. To do this, on each side, draw three even circles of different diameters.

Delivery Truck drawing tutorial

Step 4

Draw the bumper, rear, and front lights. All these elements are rectangular in shape.

Delivery Truck drawing guide

Step 5

Depict the side window. To do this, draw a few straight lines to make the quadrilateral.

Delivery Truck drawing lesson

Step 6

Add the outline of the door, then depict the side mirror and door handle.

simple delivery truck drawing

Step 7

Finish your drawing. Correct inaccuracies if necessary and trace the outline of the drawing.

How to draw an easy Delivery Truck

This was a simple instruction with which you learned how to draw a delivery truck. If everything worked out well the first time and you are completely satisfied with the result of the work, then you can proceed with the following lessons, which are presented on this site.

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