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How to Draw an Abandoned Truck

how to draw an abandoned truck

Previously, the team of Drawcarz.com showed many times how to draw different types of new and beautiful pickup trucks, but now we want to show you how to draw an abandoned truck.

The differences between drawing a new and an old car are very significant, and we showed this in our instruction on how to draw an abandoned car. Here we want to focus your attention on the most important points in drawing an abandoned truck, which distinguishes it from drawing any other abandoned car.

How to Draw an Abandoned Truck

Step 1

So, first of all, depict the outlines of the cab and cargo area. Since we are depicting an abandoned truck, we decided to make the cargo part broken. Only a frame remained of it.

how to draw an abandoned truck

Step 2

Now draw the wheel arch and the large fender above it. We are drawing an old broken pickup truck, which means it should have a large front fender, and not have any rear arches or fenders at all.

car drawing tutorials

Step 3

In the front, depict an old-fashioned metal bumper. Next, draw the lines of the hood with clear and confident hand movements. In the same stage, depict the convex headlight and decorative elements on the hood.

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Step 4

Draw the door with very smooth lines. Next, draw a side window, the top line of which should follow the outline of the top of the door.

how to draw an abandoned truck step by step

Step 5

Draw a broken and dangling handle with a couple of simple lines. Next, draw a step under the door and the lines of the broken cargo section.

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Step 6

We usually advise you to concentrate when drawing the wheels to make them as round as possible. But now we are drawing an abandoned truck, which means that the wheels should be deflated, and their outlines are very uneven.

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Step 7

Draw the outlines of the rims inside the wheels. In the center of the rims, draw a circle around which place smaller circles. These are the holes in the stamped rims.

how to draw an abandoned truck easy

Step 8

To make the drawing of an abandoned pickup truck more voluminous and realistic, add shadows. Start with darker areas and work your way up to lighter ones. To increase the volume of the drawing, you can overlay several layers of hatching on darker areas.

how to draw an abandoned truck

You can also add some additional elements to the artwork to make it even more voluminous and lively. For example, you can depict traces of corrosion and scratches on the body, or cracked glass of the windows and headlights.

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