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How to Draw a Honda Civic

How to draw a Honda Civic

What is a hot hatch? This is a car that looks cheap but being at the same time an expensive car which is going very fast and cool. The Honda company is better than many in the car market is able to create these hot hatches. And today the team of DrawCarz.com in this step-by-step instruction will show how to draw a Honda Civic.

How to Draw a Honda Civic

Step 1

The body of this car is very standard for any hatchback, that is, a fairly smooth body with a sloping back. To display this as a loose sketch, we’ll use very light lines.

How to draw a Honda Civic step by step

Step 2

In our opinion, the Honda Civic is a car that by all means tries to look unusual. This is expressed in the lights and the window line. Let’s display these details and round wheels.

How to draw a Honda car

Step 3

Details of the third step look more usual (apparently Honda did not think up how to distort the doors and wheels). Anyway, let’s depict the details as in our picture below.

How to draw a Honda

Step 4

To give our Honda Civic a finished look, we will use exact and dark pencil lines. We depicture the front of our Japanese hatchback and display the front lamps and air intakes.

How to sketch a Honda Civic

Step 5

As we said above, the windows of this hatchback are quite unusual, primarily because of the large number of parts. In this step, we will deal with the fact that we will depicture all these details.

How to draw a car easy

Step 6

The back of the Civic looks even more unusual and ornate than the front. Let’s draw all these intricate lines of tail lamp and trunk. Clean up the picture with an eraser.

How to draw a realistic car

Step 7

As we said at the third step, the side part of the Honda Civic looks quite ordinary, so let’s depicture the doors and handles, as we did in the picture below.

How to draw a car

Step 8

The rims in this picture look quite unusual, but not difficult. Repeat all lines as in our drawing or use rims design from our other guides, for example from articles about Ferrari or BMW.

Honda Civic drawing tutorial

Step 9

Whatever details we draw, the drawing will not look realistic and natural until we draw shadows and highlights. In the picture below we showed how to do it. Repeat this with hatching.

How to draw a Honda Civic drawing

So what else can you do with your Honda Civic drawing? You can try to paint it with paints, or circle it with an Inker to give it a more cartoon or comic look.

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