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How to Draw a Roadster

How to draw a Roadster

Earlier, the team of DrawCarz.com showed you a bunch of different instructions about how to draw sports cars, and today we will show you how to draw a roadster. Here we will show you how to draw a roadster using the Alfa Romeo 4c as an example. But of course, using this instruction you can sketch a roadster of any other brand.

How to Draw a Roadster

Step 1

To draw a roadster without any errors, the first thing you should do is create its frame, or rather a silhouette. By light and loose lines sketch the roadster silhouette, as in the example from DrawCarz.com below.

How to draw a Alfa Romeo 4C step by step

Step 2

Now, using two perfect circles (you can make them with a compass), depict the tires. After that, portray intricate windows and a lamp in front.

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Step 3

Inside the tires, depict perfectly round rims, and on the top – wheel arches. Now depict a long door, a small cute mirror and an air intake on the front bumper.

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Step 4

From this stage, we will delve into the details. Starting from the very nose, trace the elongated headlamps and the bumper with the hood. Everything should be very beautiful and clean.

How to draw a car

Step 5

Now do the same operations, but with the upper part of the roadster, that is, trace it with darker lines and wipe off the auxiliary lines from this surface.

How to draw a sports car

Step 6

The smooth lines of the roof at this pint gently pass into the trunk. At the same stage, depict the tail lamps and the trunk with a double exhaust pipe.

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Step 7

At this stage, we complete the side surface of the roadster body. Trace the door and create an unusual air intake. Also, do not forget to depict the decorative lines on the body.

How to draw an Alfa Romeo

Step 8

In this stage of the instruction on how to draw a roadster, we need to depict the rims. In our example, they look like classic multi-spoke rims. But they do not have to repeat the design presented by the artists of DrawCarz.com, in your artwork they can have a completely different design.

Alfa Romeo 4C drawing tutorial

Step 9

Here we are at the very end of the instruction on how to draw a roadster. At this stage, we need to add shadows to make the roadster drawing really voluminous. Portray these shadows with hatching in those places where it is indicated by the artists of DrawCarz.com, not forgetting to sketch the glare on the windows.

Roadster drawing

The instruction on how to draw a roadster is completed, and now is the time for an afterword. Have you coped with the task and is your roadster drawing similar to ours? Do you want to learn how to draw cars of other types? What is your favorite instruction on DrawCarz.com? Write to us your opinion, and be sure to share this article with everyone who wants to be able to paint like a real car designer!

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