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How to Draw a Dodge Ram

How to draw a Dodge Ram

In this tutorial, the Drawcarz.com team will show you how to draw a Dodge Ram. This cool and brutal pickup truck will be depicted in a very simple way.

Please note that the Dodge Ram drawing process is very similar to the drawing of the GMC truck since all trucks are essentially drawn the same way, with slight differences in detail.

How to Draw a Dodge Ram

Step 1

Begin with the body and depict the cabin and cargo area of the Dodge Ram. The Dodge Ram is very large and massive, and the contours must also be very powerful.

How to sketch a Dodge Ram

Step 2

Now, using two perfect circles of the same size, create the Dodge Ram wheels. Depict bumpers at the front and back. Remember to designate the windows line. Use the lightest lines in the first stages.

How to draw a pickup truck

Step 3

Now use two semicircles to create wheel arches. Next, create the doors (unlike the monster truck there are two doors here) and a simple rearview mirror. Complete the third stage with the creation of round rims.

How to draw a Dodge Ram truck

Step 4

The basic contours of the Dodge Ram are completed, and starting with the fourth stage we will deal with the final details. Use dark and clear lines to trace the entire front surface of the powerful truck. Depict details such as headlights and grille.

How to draw a Dodge

Step 5

If you have finished working with the front of the Dodge Ram drawing, then it’s time to go to the top. Using dark lines, trace the roof, and make the windows and mirror more dark and aesthetic. Do not forget to clear this part of the artwork of excess lines.

How to draw a Dodge Ram pickup

Step 6

This stage of the instruction on how to draw a Dodge Ram will be very simple. Trace the doors, making them dark, crisp, and aesthetic. Do not forget to create handles and a design line.

How to draw a Dodge truck

Step 7

In this stage, we will complete the drawing of the Dodge Ram body. Carefully trace the cargo part, create a clear outline of the rear light and bumper. Wipe off any remaining unnecessary lines from the truck artwork.

How to sketch a Dodge Ram

Step 8

The last stage of the instruction on how to draw a Dodge Truck will be about drawing the rims. First, create the center of the rims, then carefully depict the spokes diverging from the center to the edges. Unlike sports cars, pickup rims should not be too large.

Dodge Ram drawing tutorial

Step 9

To give your Dodge truck artwork a more aesthetic and voluminous look, add shadows and highlights. Let’s start with the shadows, depicting them using dense and uniform hatching, located in those places where it is indicated by the artists of the Drawcarz.com. Conclude this stage with highlights located on glass surfaces.

Dodge Ram drawing

Dodge Ram is one of the coolest and largest trucks that can be found on the roads. And now, with the help of a guide on how to draw a Dodge Ram, this cool pickup truck not only drives on the roads but also stands parked on your piece of paper.

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  1. Me and my sister love ram trucks. So, when I saw this, I got my sis and she watched me draw one. THANK YOU!!!!!!

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